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Testimonials from past Family Law and Personal Injury clients in Western Wisconsin 


I would highly recommend Anne. Ms. Schmiege is thorough and presents her client with the opportunity make the best decision. She is competent, consistent and extremely professional. She is always prepared and considers all scenarios. She is respectful and works well with opposing counsel.
You would definitely want Anne Schmiege to represent you.
— Former Client

Anne is very knowledgeable and gave me great comfort and direction in an area that I knew absolutely nothing about. When the other party was not providing the information required, she was persistent in a firm, respectful way which I appreciated and was important in my situation. She was very in tune with what was important to me. Everything went very smoothly and without flaw, even the Judge complimented Anne’s skills when we were in court. I hold her in high regard and do not hesitate to recommend her!
— Former Client

Summa****Laude means “really smart”. Asks pertinent questions and keeps to task -does not over-bill and is flexible on payment terms as long as payment is being made. She and her assistant make a thorough team. Very good with the family law process and the hoops that have to be jumped through. My case had several moments that demanded immediate action and her response was immediate. Retains good level of professionalism without being intimidating to her clients. Courtroom manner is reserved, but intelligent.
— Former Client

When I needed an attorney to represent me for my work injury, I hired Anne as she was highly recommended. I am not easily impressed but Anne came across as a very confident, knowledgeable, and concerned person. Anne is very straight forward and tells you exactly what to expect. She never tried to get my expectations up unrealistically. I always felt very comfortable dealing with her. Whenever I called or e-mailed Anne, I always got a very timely response.
After working with Anne for 3 years my case was settled very close to what our expectations were. There is no doubt Anne would be my first choice for any future legal work. My words do not express my gratitude for Anne and her expertise in her areas of law.
— Former Client

Anne was very knowledgeable and helped us through the whole process of gaining custody of my children. Through the difficult journey, she provided professional advice, explained everything in content that was easy for us to understand and provided excellent resources.

She always knew which avenues to take, to better help us. She never let us down and was always there to help. Without her, we are not sure where we would be today.

We would encourage anybody who needs a family law lawyer, to go see Anne.
— Former Client